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#EduGoalsMooc The Goal Minded Teacher WEEK 2: CHALLENGE #2

#EduGoalsMooc  The Goal Minded Teacher

After changing our way of viewing boring ordinary class tasks and seeing how to transform them into exciting, motivating learning missions, we have been asked to create a Digital Badge. 

It was not so long ago when I got my first Digital Badge. It was in an online course on ABP / PBL and you can see on the right column. I didn't know what was, and what was it good for. However getting badges seem to have become one of my favorite pastimes in the last 4 or 5 months. Why have I become so fond of badges myself?

First, I'd like to point that a digital badge is not just a simple image, regardless the amount of digital skills involved in its design. It's also a really useful mean to carry out evaluation, since they can only be earned by students who meet those standards or/and assessment criteria selected and related to the task included and the product required. Besides, they are an excellent way to motivate students. We all like to get recognition for our work and we all feel proud to show our progress to friends and family. Self recognition can be a valuable tool in the development and care of teens' personality.

To design my badge I have used Open Badges Designer and a template provided by Shelly Sanchez Terrell to produce an outline of the important facts of the badge: standards, criteria, task, rubric, etc. You can see mine here.

To end up, I have to say that I have uploaded my badge into INTEF Insignias and it's ready to be assigned to some or all my peers at this MOOC.

In addition, it has also been uploaded to the moodle platform we work with in my school.

Of course I have given them to the students who posted their plan for a family trip on the Padlet wall of the class. This is the activity which I turned into a Learning Mission in the previous challenge.

Still three weeks to go on #EduGoalsMooc. Some more goals to achieve  and challenges to overcome!

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  1. Dear Félix:
    This is fantastic blog post: lots of details and very well explained. So good you could post the badge in several websites and for sure it is a wonderful way to reward students´works. Keep up with the great work!.



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