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Week 2 at "The Goal Minded Teacher #EduGoalsMooc:

Week 2  at "The Goal Minded Teacher #EduGoalsMooc:

During this week we are learning new ways to motivate students.
Challenge #1 has consisted on turning an activity into a Learning Mission. I have chosen a matching activity in which students were asked to connect questions with answers. I decided some weeks ago to give it a turn and use it to set open questions for my students to answer them on the basis of an assigned city. I didn't know I was so close to making that boring task into an exciting, motivating learning mission. I think I perhaps lacked some of the enthusiasm which I can feel when I hear or read Shelly Sanchez Terrell. But anyway I feel happy to realize that some of my "little personal teaching tricks" are on the right way, although I was not aware of the importance of writing an outline of the key issues of the mission. I have done so in this challenge and you can check it in the presentation I've made:

I grouped the questions in the Student's book INactivity and asked them to search information to plan a family trip to a city in the UK or Ireland. Then, they had to write a composition describing how they planned to get there, where they would stay, what they thought they could do there and which places they would like to visit. Finally, they shared their writings in Padlet:

I feel pretty proud of my students' work.

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  1. Hello Félix:
    What a fantastic, valuable and motivating mission you´ve created. Your students´works show how much you´ve inspired them to share such detailed writings.

  2. Hello Félix:
    I love your activity. You actually gave me and idea for next unit final activity. I only have to adapt the level for my primary students. Thank you.



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