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#EduGoalsMooc The Goal Minded Teacher: Challenges to Transform Student Learning. WEEK 4: FINAL REFLECTIONS.

#EduGoalsMooc The Goal Minded Teacher: Challenges to Transform Student Learning.


WEEK 4 In MOOC The Goal Minded Teacher has brought along some steps forward in participants' teaching self view and skills.

Teacher Survival Kit:

On the one hand, we have had to take an insight to the way we manage our classes, including our relation with students and parents, time arrangement and problem solving. We have done it in a very funny way: creating an interactive image showing the materials (I have also included some ideas and feelings, tough) which help us be more flexible and proactive as teachers. It must include a code of conduct, which must be fully understood by all the students, especially the consequences of acting against it, as well as those "hard" or "soft" things that let the learning keep going no matter what happens.

Hecho con Padlet

A digital safety, citizenship, and learning resource for parents

We have taken a second challenge which has consisted on creating a website for the parents of my students to make them to understand how to help their children become better digital learners and citizens. The outcome was meant to be visual, user-friendly, and to provide resources aimed at the age group of my students.

We were invited to work with peers in pairs or small groups to complete this activity and during a couple of days I tried to collaborate with a peer who teaches the same age group as I do. Unfortunately a set of technical, professional and familiar problems have made it impossible.

My web site is named "Safer kids on the net" and it includes hints for parents to understand their kids' performance online. It also aims at showing the risks of the use of technology and, of course, at providing solutions in case of incidence. Further information can be read here.

I have done most of it in Spanish, since that is the only language most parents of must students can speak or read. Nevertheless, an English version is under construction to be used for anyone who wants to use it worldwide.

This task is linked with the one we did in WEEK 3 CHALLENGE #2, where we had to survey our students about their behavior online, their knowledge about their digital footprint and especially about their parents' attitude towards their performance online. In WEEK 3 FINAL REFLECTIONS I hinted some action lines which perfectly match the digital safety, citizenship, and learning resource for parents we have produced.

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