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#EduGoalsMooc The Goal Minded Teacher: Challenges to Transform Student Learning. ENTIRE COURSE REFLECTIONS

#EduGoalsMooc The Goal Minded Teacher: Challenges to Transform Student Learning.


5 weeks ago I started s course which i had known about thanks to the INTEF-Educalab newsletter, which had proved to be an excellent provider of interesting coaching. Due to different professional reasons, I decided that this school year I would devote a significant part of my working (and leisure) time and energy  to learn new things that could improve and update my teaching performance. In September I took a course on ABP / PBL and then several NOOCS on different aspects which show the influence of technology upon education. 
The point is that even when the course began on February, 13th I didn't know for sure what it would be all about: something about having goals in your mind... However, that very rough idea started being shaped little by little both by the week scheme of Objectives-Key Ideas-Challenges & Reflections and the Roadmap which somehow set our destination.

And soon I was immerse in a habit of setting goals to myself and my students, working on challenges and thinking on how I had done. In a bit more than a month I have achieved -among many others- the following goals. These are the


1) I have learnt 
  • about the importance of goals in life and in teaching
  • how to motivate students turning an ordinary activity into a challenging learning mission.
  • how to motivate my students by using digital badges.
  • to design, create and issue digital badges.
  • about Digital Citizenship, Digital Footprint.
  • how aware of their Digital Footprint are both kids and parents.
  • Digital Learning Theories.
  • about my self awareness on classroom management.
  • how to team up with parents to provide kids a safe online environment and
  • plan a collaborative project which involves online work and contact.
2) I have posted 15 new entries in my learning journal, some of them of considerable length and depth, reflecting about my learning process. Before February 13th it was minor tool with little use.

3) I have used 8 web tools or apps to create different kind of digital artifacts. I have used 5 of them for the first time but are now definitely included in my PLE. Both my twitter and Facebook profiles have shifted towards a more professional line. My twitter use has increased as the rise in tweets (+73,9%), impressions (+420,7%) and mentions (+280%) clearly show.


1) Among the more than 10 different assignments we have been given a couple of them stand out in my opinion, due to their relevance and influence in my teaching practice:
  • Creating Learning Missions, and 

  • Creating a digital, citizenship, and learning resource for parents.
I believe they are and will be really useful for me, my school peers, my students' and their parents.

2) Both Units 2 & 5 have been the most influential in my views upon how to teach, how to make a difference and how to make things new so that motivation is provided for both my students and myself.

3) Some parts of the course have been really challenging. For example, all the theories related with Digital Learning seemed at first a little disconnected from what we had done so far. Then reading them carefully and mindmapping one of them gave me a free, unexpected assessment on how i was doing as a digital teacher. It also set a destination -goal- towards which I should try to move.

The same feeling arose when I surveyed my students about their own and their parents' digital awareness, especially after I discovered how little such awareness was in both groups. I must admit that I became seriously concerned about that. I firmly claimed for action at the end of week 3. Little i knew that I would myself be empowered to provide that assistance during week 4 when we were asked to create a digital, citizenship, and learning resource for parents.

4) Taking part in this course has made me a better learner and a better teacher for several reasons:

  • I have been given the necessary self-confidence to take up learning challenges like this, which include plenty of technological performance,
  • I have learnt how to motivate my students using Learning Missions, Digital Badges, web tools & apps, Challenges and Goals.
  • I have got used to posting my own views about these learning issues and to reading peers' blogs and journals as a profitable way of learning things from others. 
  • Sharing and collaborating online are not just learning or teaching tools. They may be for some of us, but they won't definitely be so for our students. They will be required to collaborate online, so teaching them how to do so is not an option anymore.
Like in those old ads for products aimed at losing weight, there is a BEFORE and an AFTER this course. I feel something in me has changed. Something is new in my mind, Perhaps now I have become a GOAL MINDED TEACHER.

Last, but not least I want to thank all my peers in the course for their valuable contributions, views opinions, posts and products. I must acknowledge them an abundant source of learning. And, of course, Shelly & Fabiana for all their attention, care, support, encouraging and inspiring words after every single post on facebook or twitter. This would not have been the same without their personal commitment.

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  1. What a nice post! All the long way you' ve walked in such a short time, Félix!! You are inspiring and very sweet! Your students are blessed to have you as a teacher.

    1. Thanks, Fabiana. It's been a great experience. Sometimes the best part of the walk is not only the way and the views, but also the people you walk along with.

  2. Felix, great entry!! Very clear and as Fabiana says, very inspiring!

  3. Inspiring. Thanks for your reflections.



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